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Are you a Teen (or have one in your life)  that can relate to the following?

-You experience anxiety, maybe even frustration and anger when you are around groups of people.

-You avoid a lot of opportunities because it feels like it just isn’t worth it to have to deal with other people.

-Even when alone you may often feel anxious and struggle to feel at ease.

This was my experience through my teenage years and well into adulthood. I’ll admit, I’m still selective in who I spend my time with and where I go. Not because it makes me anxious anymore, but because I want to be around people and situations I enjoy.

If you relate to the descriptions above I would bet that a lot of your story is also my story.

I have always enjoyed working with teenagers and kids. In fact I was a school teacher for twelve years. I wanted to create environments for teens like you that were more supportive than I received. As I realized my sensitivities and the incredible gifts that came with them I started coaching adults to discover their gifts and heal from the traumas of there childhood and teenage years.  I love this work and see miracles everyday as these adults discover their power and let go of anxiety that has held them back throughout there lives.

They often say, “This is awesome and I just wish I knew this all when I was younger. I feel like I wasted so much time hiding out and avoiding.”

They have a pretty good point! One that inspired action…

Enter – The Aligned Living Teen Program

The Aligned Living Teen Program is a 10 week online class. The group is small, 5 teens all together.

In this class you will learn the Aligned Living System. A program that teaches you how to move outside of the anxiety and overwhelm that so many teens experience every day.

What follows are the typical outcomes participants experience from working with the Aligned Living System:

-Less anxiety and more ease (closer to the way many of us felt when we were little).

-Feeling more peaceful, happy, and fulfilled

-Find greater meaning in their existence  They develop a new understanding of why they matter and that they are important. (This is a big one!)

-Freedom from the pressure and intensity they have felt in the past and a sense of being more in control of their lives.

The Aligned Living System is a tool that allows you to quiet the demands coming at you from the outside world. As a result you can hear yourself much more clearly. It is amazing how empowered we feel when we don’t need to struggle with or block out the overwhelm.

When you look around at your peers you may not want to become one of them but you sure don’t want them to block you from being who you truly are. With Aligned Living we clear out what is keeping you from being your greatest self. This results in a more confident, self assured you that people can see the difference in and more importantly – you feel different in.

Feel free to reach out with any questions to info@davidaronwaldas.com

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