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One to One Coaching Options

The Ten Week Aligned Living Transformation Program

This program is for people that are ready to take on full responsibility for themselves and simply want tools, insight, actions, and support to bring themselves to a whole new level. 

 What’s Included:

-Eleven 1:1 90 Minute Sessions with David (The 90 minute time period has shown to create much deeper breakthroughs than the traditional 60 minute sessions.) In the first week we meet twice to frame up the experience and launch you on this healing journey.

-Recordings of each session to revisit and continue to gain insight. The recordings will include personalized mediations to support you.

-The Harrison profile of what drives your decision making and communication style.

-The Six Week Aligned Living Video Course 

-911 Text support throughout the ten weeks as challenges come up

Most one to one coaching clients start with David’s  Ten Week Program. This program is a deep dive into The Aligned Living System and learning to apply it to all areas of your life.

This program provides the support you need to create those elusive breakthroughs that have kept your limiting patterns in place. You need to show up willing to go all in and David will guide you on this ten week journey into your most trusted, fulfilled, intuitive, and powerful self.

We will start week one with the Harrison Assessment tool. This remarkable system always blows away participants expectations of the insight it can provide. It has an unprecedented ability to sneak past our emotional firewalls and help us see what is working for us and where and how we are self-sabotaging. It give us a solid baseline of where we are currently operating and provides new low hanging fruit on our personal development journey.

Weeks two through ten are customized to the needs of each individual. David will introduce you to the many tools and concepts that make up The Aligned Living System. We will take those tools and apply them directly to your life. This program is highly experiential and creates dramatic real time results.

Interested in learning more or signing up for the Ten Week Aligned Living Transformation Program?

Schedule a free exploratory call with David.

Continued Sessions with David

Once you have completed the Ten Week Program you can schedule continued 90 minute sessions with David.

These can be scheduled on a set rhythm and regular basis such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, or simple as stand alone sessions.

About The Aligned Living System

The Aligned Living System is a proprietary personal development process that utilizes elements of mindfulness, meditation, energy work, and sovereignty techniques. This synergistic combination creates an extraordinary, unique internal experience where clients report feeling more inspired, clear, and far more capable to face the challenges we are all experiencing.

Due to Aligned Living’s unique nature, it is best understood through experience.

The Aligned Living System gives you access to a quiet voice inside yourself, outside of the social programing we have all received.

This voice is not interested in who you have been told you “need” to be or what is “supposed” to make you happy.

Rather, it knows what truly makes you happy and fulfilled.

What People Are Saying About The Aligned Living System:

  • This system has given me more internal space. It no longer feels like the demands of life are coming at me all the time.
  • I feel like I can choose forward what is truly going to bring more,happiness, joy, and fulfillment in my life. 
  • feel more comfortable in difficult situations in all areas of my life. 
  • I don’t take people’s reactions to me as personally.
  • This system creates such dramatic results that I think of my life in terms of before and after Aligned living

Group Coaching

In this 10 week program You will develop the ability to access and live in The Aligned Living Flow State. From this state of consciousness everything changes:

-We become more aware of what our purpose is and what we truly desire in life. 

-We feel more stable, confident, and fulfilled. 

-The influence we have on our surroundings magnifies.

-We are able to show up in our power regardless of the circumstances.

-We next level in all areas of our lives.

The next class will be starting in April.  Email us at to let us know you are interested.

David helped me build up my sense of self. He helped me get over a deep-seated fear of conflict and to see the gift of feedback as an opportunity for growth instead of an attack on who I am. David helped me care less about what other people think of me, advocate more for myself, and feel more comfortable in my own skin. This shift has leveled up my business and every important relationship in my life.”


– Mark Krasser

CEO and Founder of Expectful