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Learn how to stop being influenced by the outer world and stabilize internally.

Ready to Unlock Your Full Potential?

Can you relate to the following?

  • You’re successful and a lot of things are working in your life, but you know deep down that more is possible.

  • You’re an action-taker and unstoppable when you have a clear plan. But right now your next steps feel uncertain – and you’re tired of wondering what’s next. 

  • You’ve achieved so much and yet you often find yourself feeling anxious, tired, or not as fulfilled as you thought you would be. 

  • You followed the logical path that was “supposed” to make you happy, and now you’re ready to connect more deeply with your intuition – so you can make decisions from a place of true alignment and fulfillment 

  • You often feel caught in the push/pull of other people’s expectations. You’re ready to claim your inner authority and create healthy relationships & boundaries that allow you to show up as your most authentic self.

Welcome. You're in the right place.

My name is David Waldas and I empower entrepreneurs and high performers to unlock their full potential using the Aligned Living Method. 

My clients range from C-Level Executives and High-Ranking Government officials, to Coaches, Speakers & Social Media Influencers. 

What they have in common is a commitment to developing themselves, and continuing to up-level in every area of their life. 

They want it all – and they want to feel truly fulfilled by what they’ve created. 

Sound like you? 

Let’s talk… 

“Sitting down in my first couple of sessions with David, I was able to pierce right through my struggles. Aligned Living made the simplicity, clarity, and openness that I had only accessed in meditation before available throughout my entire life in a consistent and sustainable manner. It legitimately changed everything in my life – almost overnight.”

Dan Doty

Co-Founder of Evryman

What is the Aligned Living Method?

The traditional path to success has always happened in ordinary reality – that rational, logical state of consciousness where “good,” “sound,” and “responsible” decisions are made.

Yet, recently we are seeing more divergent thinkers like, Elon Musk and Richard Branson emerging as some of the top business leaders and innovators in the world. 

Why is this the case? What makes them different? 

They have the reason and logic, as well as something else. They have the ability to break existing paradigms, the ability to take dreamy, outlandish ideas and turn them into reality. These new leaders have figured something out. They have found the balancing point between the rational and the dreamy, the practical and the impractical. They have learned how to live and operate from Optimal Flow State. 

That’s what Aligned Living is all about. This groundbreaking technique teaches you how to use this state to activate your individual genius and become more decisive, innovative, creative, intuitive, and productive. Ultimately, this is a pathway to achieving the success AND fulfillment you desire, in every area of life. 

The Aligned Living System is a proprietary personal development process that utilizes elements of mindfulness, meditation, energy work, and sovereignty techniques. This synergistic combination creates a very unique internal experience where clients report feeling more inspired, clear, and far more capable to face the challenges we are all experiencing.

Due to Aligned Living’s unique nature, it is best understood through experience.

Essentially, The Aligned Living Method is:

"Leadership Training for Visionaries and Visionary Training for Leaders."

Benefits of Aligned Living

Aligned Living clients quickly develop the ability to:

  • Have the clarity and self trust to make those hard decisions that not everyone will be happy with.
  • Be comfortable setting boundaries and enforcing them.
  • Be with people who are upset with you without it hurting your feelings or feeling personal.
  • Be able to maintain your balanced and centered self in the face of push back or when engaging with authoritative people.
  • Manage stress so your are not exhausted at the end (or beginning or middle) of the day.
  • Find inner calm and stability amidst external chaos.
  • Move into a warm, confident, and grounded self that people are unmistakably drawn to.
  • Trust yourself to show up consistently in your power regardless of the audience or situation.
  • Know what will make you feel fulfilled and happy.

“This process has completely transformed my relationship to myself, my relationship to my partner, my friends, my community and my business…  ”

Sarah Anne Stewart

Founder of Sarah Anne Stewart 



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