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“I have always said if I could rip my hurt feelings out and drive them over with a semi-truck my life would be so much easier. Well, you have given me the tools to keep my feelings and to manage them so I can share the depth of emotion I possess. I know I am more sensitive than others but I couldn’t self manage my hurt inside when emotional things came my way. I am so amazingly grateful for you coming into my life and giving me this tool.  I am a changed person. You are an angel to me!! Thank you!”

Karen Jedele       Encinitas, CA

I really enjoy working with David. He is a gifted coach who truly wants to help people reach their full potentials. The workshop regarding co-creating your life with spirit was awesome. I learned many different and useful techniques to help me live the life that is perfect for me! I have used everything that I learned that day already and am looking forward to learning more along the way. I had a great time with everyone in the group that day, and felt a moment of clarity come to each of us. I am grateful for the opportunity to join in on this workshop, and if given the chance would definitely do it again.                                                                          

Gretchen Bickel     Conifer, CO


David, you helped me shift out all the old patterns that I’d been trying to change on my own for quite a while. One session with you helped me see how simple life can really be. You definitely are the “real deal”. This knowledge has already cleared the way for me to do my soul’s work a greater way. Thank you sweet soul!                                                                            

Kimberly Dawn       Sedona, AZ



First I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a life changing session in Ft. Collins. You should know that I walked by you 3 or 4 times and something kept drawing me back until I finally decided to stop. I have had many sessions over the past few years. NONE of them came close to what I experienced with your help that day. Questions I didn’t even know that I had, were answered. Many positive changes were made that day. You spoke directly into my heart. I am doing very well and it is due to the answers I received that day. Many thanks to you and your gift. I am at peace and very happy. Many, many thanks,                                                                             

Georgia             Fort Collins, CO