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Aligned Living Program

David offers Aligned Living 6 Week Programs in person in Encinitas, CA or remotely over the phone.



What is Aligned Living?

We have all had glimpses into what it feels like to be in our Optimal Flow State. It is generally a fleeting moment. Athletes experience it when they are in the zone, able to block out all other stimulus and distraction. They are performing at the top of their game. Business professionals know they are there when they effortlessly know exactly what to say. The words come out without thought or hesitation. The conscious mind simply observes as we perform outside of our conscious limitations. Even as a parent we have those moments of grace under pressure. Simply put, Aligned Living is the system that teaches us to live in Optimal Flow.

Where to start…

The Aligned Living 6 Week program is the entry point into this lifestyle. It is even where David started working with his Aligned Living coaches, it opens the doors to unlimited possibilities. This program teaches the Aligned Living Process. Within the first two sessions you will be able to access this state of consciousness.

Throughout the 6 weeks David will guide and support you each step of the way. As each individual starts down this path they bring their own set of strengths and challenges. This is why the one size fits all programs often leave their participants fluctuating between overwhelm and boredom. David works with you to identify potential pitfalls for your unique skill sets and life experiences so you can skillfully navigate them with confidence.

What would this look like in my life?

We each have those patterns we repeat over and over again – the struggles at work, relationship problems, personal frustrations. The patterns that are so unique to us that it is clear we are creating them but don’t know how to stop. We look at the choices before us and no matter what we choose we end up recreating the same type of experiences. Aligned Living shifts our awareness to a place where the old choices don’t even look like options anymore. We get to choose from a whole new multiple choice bank. We start to create outside of our old limitations.


Rates :

Basic Six Week Aligned Living Program: $1,200

Full Six Week Aligned Living Program with Harrison Inventory: $2100

Six Week Aligned Living Program for Business Professionals $2100

(Tune-up Sessions are available once you have completed an initial Six Week Program)

60 Minute Aligned Living Tune-Up: $150

90 Minute Aligned Living Tune-Up: $200


Are you ready to get started?

Apply for the Six Week Program by clicking here  Apply Now

If you have questions or need to schedule a tune-up session with David please call 760-979-3782 or  email us at

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  1. I love your ideas that everyone can relate to.

  2. Bertie says:

    Frankly I think that’s abeltulsoy good stuff.

  3. JoAnn Lockwood says:

    You rock. Plain and simple. I am glad to see your one on one clarity sessions are so afforadable. Thank you for recognizing truth and being willing to share it with us in your unique style. May peace, harmony and abundance come back to you tenfold! Godspeed! -JoAnn

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