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Guided Meditations

I’ve seen first-hand how these meditations have changed the lives of my clients in my mentoring practice and workshops. Now, I’m sharing them publicly for the first time, because I truly feel that they should be shared on a larger scale to help as many people as possible. Are you ready to start experiencing some big shifts in your life, and to finally start clearing out the crud that’s holding you back? -sign up for my newsletter to receive more guided meditations as I release them. Enjoy!

A disclaimer: Make some committed time to listen to this. This recording has energetic components that will shift your actual frequency – Please don’t listen to this while driving. Find a quiet space where you can devote your full attention to actively engaging with this meditation. Ideally you will have up to half an hour afterword to process the information.

Please tell us about your experience with the meditation in the comments below.

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This week I am releasing :

Balancing Your Energy Field Energetic Download and Guided Meditation


This guided meditation and energetic download will assist you in balancing your entire energy field. It asks you to work with the Universe to call in your unique frequency and send it out into the world.

Do you feel the energy shifting in your body?
This is just the beginning of what is possible!


Being Open to Both Giving and Receiving Meditation

Most of us are confused about the energies of giving and receiving.

Are you stuck in this common misconception?

Giving and receiving are two distinctly separate energies. So many of us assume they are naturally linked together within ourselves because they are always linked outside of ourselves. In order for you to give, somebody needs to be willing to receive. If your focus is solely on giving and not on receiving what will show up in your life is people and situations that are open to receiving. This matches your energy. If you are open to receiving but not to giving what will show up in your life is people and situations that are open to giving. This matches your energy. At the same time each of these examples create imbalances that lead to frustration and resentment. It creates relationships and situations that are not sustainable.

Are you a giver? Are you feeling exhausted by all the takers that keep showing up in your life? …These people and situations that keep accepting your invitation.

By no means am I advocating giving with the intention of receiving. This energy is about giving for the sake of giving while keeping the channels open to receiving. If you give with the intention of receiving you are not truly giving and what you get back will reflect that. You can think of this as a highway running in two separate directions. One direction is giving and the other direction is receiving. So many of us have the receiving direction of the highway closed. This meditation is designed to help you open that part of the highway. This will allow the Universe to give back to you and in turn feeding you and the Universe giving you both the energy you need to keep on giving!

This meditation assists you in activating your awareness and balancing your openness to both giving and receiving. All the giving in the world can not support you or or the world until you are open to receiving the reciprocal energy coming back to you.

I recommend you listen to this free chakra clearing meditation first so you are even more open to these changes.



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