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6 Week Program for Business Professionals


6 Week Program for Business Professionals 

Decisive, innovative thinker, highly productive, and powerful influencer, these have become four of the most sought after traits of the new business leader. In this six week program, INSIGHT, INFLUENCE and FLOW for Business Professionals, executive business coach, David Waldas takes you through his three step process to access your Optimal Flow State. David teaches you how to use this state to activate your individual genius and become more decisive, innovative, creative, intuitive, and productive. Ultimately, this is a pathway to being a powerful influencer, innovator, and next level business leader.

Traditionally, business has always happened in ordinary reality, that rational, logical state of consciousness where good, sound, and responsible decisions are made from. This has been the realm of business. There has not been a place here for the dreamy creatives. The people who live in a disconnected world of artistic discovery and expression, floating through life in their non-ordinary reality, never quite able to ground their ideas and create anything meaningful in our ordinary reality. The space cadet zoning out in the back of the classroom was never destined to be the next powerful CEO. Yet, recently we are seeing more and more divergent thinkers like, Elon Musk and Richard Branson emerging as some of the top business leaders and innovators in the world. They have the reason and logic as well as something else. They have the ability to break existing paradigms, the ability to take dreamy, outlandish ideas and turn them into reality. These new leaders have figured something out. They have found the balancing point between the rational and the dreamy, the practical and the impractical. They have learned how to live and operate from the place where ordinary and non-ordinary reality converge. This program is about how to access that exact place, a state of consciousness known as your Optimal Flow State.

In interviewing business professionals specific themes have emerged that seem to be of universal concern: a push to be more productive, more motivated, more innovative, and more able to navigate in a world of constantly changing priorities. As we follow these concerns back to their source we discover they all originate from a feeling of being squeezed. While this squeeze is not anything new, the speed at which we need to adapt and respond certainly is. Our current technology gives us access to massive amounts of information and quite often in real time. Not too long ago, we only had a few key variables to adapt to. We had limited data connected with these variables. As a result of this limitation, we operated in relatively slow moving business environments. We had time to process, to think things through and adapt to the shifts in our markets.

With the advancements in technology we have constant realtime access to more information and variables than we ever imagined. These variables give us an opportunity to be in a continuous state of monitoring and course correction. There is always more work than can be done, as new data is endlessly pushed at us driving our actions and decisions. Our ordinary reality based consciousness can’t keep up and we experience high levels of stress. When people are under stress their thinking and actions tend to be more reactive and unconscious. Inside this squeeze, their success strategies are anything but coming from their center.

These challenges have driven an unprecedented interest in accessing non-ordinary reality and more importantly operating in Optimal Flow State, on that edge between ordinary and non-ordinary realities. While non-ordinary reality is not a difficult place to access, balancing on the edge between realities has been an elusive endeavor until now.

The New York Times #1 best selling book Stealing Fire (Kotler and Wheal) examines access points to the Ultimate Flow State. They refer to these points as “the four forces of ecstasis”: psychology, neurobiology, pharmacology, and technology. This book provides great insight into the benefits of reaching ecstasis or what we refer to here as Optimal Flow State. However, what is missing is a practical access point as well as way to sustain it. Accessing Your Optimal Flow State and Its Application for Business Professionals gives you that access and teaches you the skills with which you can train yourself to sustain it.

We need a healthy and sustainable way to keep up with the pace of business today. Squeezing others and pushing ourselves harder was a natural reaction to the shifting demands of the current business environment. This reaction is obviously not the answer. We have an unprecedented demand calling us to adapt our normal state of consciousness. The only way to thrive in this “squeeze” is by living in your Optimal Flow State. This program is the roadmap, it makes this super human state available to anybody who is committed to achieving it.

The Program:
This six week program begins with an assessment inventory of where you are currently operating from and what you are creating. It moves quickly into developing the ability to access your Optimal Flow State and over time to live in it. Throughout the six one hour sessions we will apply this state of consciousness to real issues you address in your work and personal environments including: efficiency, productivity, seeing situations from different perspectives, being clear and decisive, innovative thinking, sheltering yourself, employees, and coworkers from the “squeeze” of pressure and demands, and being an effective leader, influencer, and speaker.

Week One:

-Review and analyze your Harrison Preference Inventory results and goals
-Introduction to your Optimal Flow State

Weeks Two – Five:

-Accessing your Optimal Flow State
-Utilizing your Optimal Flow State and applying it to the current issues and demands you are facing. We will work through the following categories that apply to you: efficiency, productivity, seeing situations from different perspectives, being clear and decisive, innovative thinking, sheltering yourself, employees, and coworkers from the “squeeze” of pressure and demands, and being an effective leader, influencer, and speaker.
-Fine tuning your Optimal Flow State

Week Six:

-Setting in motion a plan to continue this work.

-Harrison Preference Inventory
-One Ninety Minute session and Five one hour sessions  (Either in person or over the phone.)

Total Investment: $3,200


Email us at info@davidaronwaldas.com if you are interested in participating.


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